Participation for Class Japan Project

Tricol Corporation (Head office: Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, CEO: Naoto Yoshida) has participated in Class Japan Project which had announced by Foundation of Class Japan Education Organization (Representative director: Takeshi Nakajima ) on 12 Feb. 2018.

By using making technology of VR job simulator contents which Tricol has, we will realize one corner of the concept that is “Realization of a consortium type net class in nationwide local government collaboration”.

About Class Japan Project


Our goal is that, school, enterprise and community are united as a learning support project to bring school refusal in elementary school students and junior high school students to school and society together, aiming to develop as administrative service.

The following items are cited as contents to be realized.

  1. Prepare for situations where students can work hard to maintain and improve academic ability

  2. Basic sociality training for understanding others by connections with friends

  3. Employment intriduction from business people, view of occupation by skill support and fostering of view of life

  4. Fost the self-supporting ability required as a force to live

  5. Information sharing with the enrolled class for returning to school(Adjust scholastic ability with classroom lesson)

  6. Establish a learning base in the area as a step for returning to school

Our company is going to realize above things by using VR technology.