Release of "PLANNES"

Tricol Corporation (Head office: Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, CEO: Naoto Yoshida), working for planning and development of VR contents has released trailer movie of completely new work VR sports game, “PLANNES” for Oculus Touch on 29, Nov.

Also, today we started to release “PLANES” on 6, Dec., same day with release Oculus Touch.

This model will be soon compatible for HTV Vice. Date of release for HTV version is planned on 9, Dec.

“PLANNES” is sports game that is like tennis playing in zero gravity space. A player visits five planets and battle with representative player. You can obtain racket which has various abilities and battle with strong player. This is a new sensation VR sports game that you can experience!

Oculus store :

Steam :


Trailer movie


Contents information

Date of release On 6, Dec. 2016(Oculus Store)
On 9, Dec. 2016(Steam)
Genre A new sensation VR sports
Compatible models Oculus Rift + Touch、HTC Vive
Price $14.99