Release of "Mu-tune".

Tricol Inc.(Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku Tokyo, CEO: Naoto Yoshida), developing and planning of VR content has started releasing of the VR rhythm action game "Mu-tune" on 2, Nov. in Oculus GO.

Game Outline

“Mu-tune” is a VR rhythm action game that shakes head to the music. All favorite videos and music will be rhythm games. ※It corresponds to YouTube when releasing. Additional function is scheduled sequentially.

When you select songs by spacecraft, they rush into the planet! Please enjoy your journey of "lost galaxy" which is filled with realism such as snow and lava planets, shake your head with the timing matching the music that flows flows from the front.


Number of songs delivered is infinity by using YouTube mode

The biggest feature of Mu-tune is "YouTube mode" that allows you to search videos from YouTube and play rhythm game with your favorite movies.

If you play YouTube videos with "Mu-tune", the music will be automatically generated with the optimum difficulty level. (Patent pending: Patent Application No. 2018-175664)

It may make your dreams come true that is playing rhythm game with your favorite music as much as you want.

In addition, 'YouTube mode ' realizes ease of use ideal. If you use 'Favorite', you can register your favorite movies. From 'History', you can quickly access the songs you played earlier.

'YouTube mode' becomes part of your life.

※We plan to add modes other than Youtube sequentially.

Never get bored of notes 'Random Notes'

Let's select 'Random Notes' and it will be automatically generated if you get tired of music. You can experience the rhythm action game without getting tired.

Continually evolving content

We are planning to hold various events such as score attacks and competition events, not just adding functions.

Date of release
2, Nov. 2018
VR rhythm action game
Applicable Model
Oculus Go

A Notice of Collaboration Planning Implementation with "Kids Duo", Yaruki Switch Group Corp.

A Notice of Collaboration Planning Implementation with "Kids Duo", Yaruki Switch Group Corp.

Tricol corp. are carrying out collaboration of planning whoch is limited in summer vacation as special planning of VR experiment with “Kids Duo”, after school care in English which is managed by Yaruki Switch Group Holdings (Head office: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Naoshi Takahashi). Yaruki Switch Group Holdings explores general educational business.